This is another service from Bookmaker Bashing that targets one bet a day for the selection to be placed (not WIN) at average odds of between 1.3-1.4

You get sent an e-mail each day with the bet and you can either bet it to level stakes, or bet using a roll-up staking plan whereby the winnings from each bet are staked on the next bet, with the aim of winning 9-10 bets in a row. Finally you can stake at 3% liability staking.

The subscription is £4.99 per week and they offer a refund on subscription to users who fail to make profit during the month following their advice.

For the purposes of this trial I used the roll-up staking plan but have also kept a note of the level staking profits.

Final two sequence results:

Bet 1 – (19:10 – Kempton) – Back TOTAL STAR top 2 @ 1.54 £10.26 £10.26
Bet 2 – (14:40 – Newcastle) – Back SUSPECT PACKAGE top 3 @ 1.3 -£20 -£20

Bet 1 – (14:20 – Windsor) – Back GLORIOUS FOREVER top 4 @ 1.44 £8.36 £8.36
Bet 2 – (20:40 – Kempton) – Back DIAMOND GEYSER top 4 @ 1.42 £11.31 £7.98
Bet 3 – (17:20 – Kempton) – Back PASTORAL MUSIC top 3 @ 1.43 £16.20 £8.17
Bet 4 – (17:55 – Chelmsford) – Back AWAIT THE STORM top 3 @ 1.29 -£20 -£20

Totals   Roll-Up   Level
.           £207.74   £76.26

I’ve tested this service for four months now and the profit of £76.26 to £20 level stakes would not be enough to cover subscription fees although now they offer a refund on subs for any months where a profit isn’t made so there may be some profit there.

The rolling staking plan has been more successful but it is also at greater risk of failing, as we saw in the first half of the trial, not getting into profit until almost two months in.

Overall, the service has made £207.74 profit on the rolling staking plan, of which nearly £80 would have to be deducted for fees although, again, some of those would now be refunded. Even so, there would be less than £150 profit to show for four months of betting at £20 stakes.

It’s not enough to keep me interested and so I will give this service a Neutral rating.

You can try Place Expert here:Neutral