This is a new service from Bookmaker Bashing that targets one bet a day for the selection to be placed (not WIN) at average odds of between 1.3-1.4

You get sent an e-mail each day with the bet and you can either bet it to level stakes, or bet using a roll-up staking plan whereby the winnings from each bet are staked on the next bet, with the aim of winning 9-10 bets in a row. Finally you can stake at 3% liability staking.

For the purposes of this trial I will be placing live bets on the roll-up staking plan but will also keep a note of the level staking profits.

Published results show a profit of £370 from a £20 starting stake on the roll-up plan, and £290 to £100 stakes.

Let’s see how we get on.

Bet 1 – 5:20 (Newmarket) – Back DUTCH DESTINY £20 Won £7.68

(ok, I messed up on the very first bet. It was supposed to be backing to 4 Places where the odds were 1.3 or thereabouts, but I just backed it to standard place and got better odds. Luckily it came in.)

You can try Place Expert for £4.99 per week here: