Place Lay Formula Closing Review

This trial is ending a few days early as I am off to Spain for a few weeks (lucky me).

Even with a rather large loosing bet on the final day this system has made a nice profit over the trial period, and I have no hesitation in giving this a thumbs up.


A word of caution is required. The system “rules” are kind of more guidelines. The first 4 rules cannot be messed with, the second 4 will guide you towards a selection, but you will soon notice that you will often pick different selections than the author (there is a web page that displays daily results).

I have used this system for some time now, and know from personal experience that the author will explain why he took a bet (or not) if you ask him nicely. I actually used an Instant Messenger service offered for an additional sum, which provides instant access to the author if you want to question the system.

With a little practice however, you get to select winning selections. I think the hardest thing for me is attempting to determine whether a horse is steaming or drifting; I use Sporting Life Live Shows for odds history and this, for me, has made life easier.

The only downside is that you need to be available to follow the price action in the last few minutes leading up to the off; you cant place bets in advance.

In summary then;  a nice simple system which, with a little practice, has the potential to generate good profits. As I said earlier, I have used this system for some time now, and I am happy to keep this system in my portfolio.

Please heed the warning I issued a couple of days ago. This system is due to be withdrawn in the next few days. If you want it, don’t take too long to make your purchase!

You can get the Place Lay Formula here: