Another three weeks on and our first month over and how is this amazing service doing?

Week 4

Starting Bank: £500

Current Bank: £354.17

Overall Profit: -£145.83 at £10 level stakes.

It’s not quite living up to the sales video is it?

The promise is to “Bank a staggering £1436.37 every week!”, with a caveat that “that’s not at £10 stakes though“.

Well, a month in and I think anyone would be glad they’re not using more than £10 stakes! I’ve been getting three or four bets a day which I simply back to place on Betfair. It’s easy enough to do (I use BetEngine) but either they’ve hit a bad losing run or they aren’t all they’re claiming to be. I’ll give them another two months, after all they should be back to form by then if they are any good.