Another week gone and another £125.37 lost.

It’s beginning to irritate me a little now. They always give out four bets. Why would they do this? There’s no reason at all that I can think of why you would always get four bets in a day if you are going through the race card and identifying selections based on certain criteria. Surely some days the criteria won’t be met and you’d get no bets, or just one or two, or maybe some days you’d get five or six.

It seems to me as if they just look for four bets so that they can give the impression that they are running a service.

But what makes it worse is that often they get the time wrong, so you’re given a horse in a certain race and it’s not in the race card, so then you have to search around to find that race it is running in, and it’s clear that it’s been a typo.

That’s just lazy. If people are paying to receive four tips a day, the least you can do is make sure the tips are accurate.

And that’s before even mentioning the ‘profit’ this service has produced after five weeks. Over half the betting bank gone in not much time, and after promising £1000’s a week. Hmm…

Week 5

Starting Bank: £500

Current Bank: £228.80

Overall Profit: -£271.20 at £10 level stakes.