This is a service by a chap calling himself Carl Murray (although in the small print they admit this is a pen name). If the sales video is to be believed, this service can bring in £1,436.37 profit every week. Of course they say that’s NOT to £10 stakes but omit to say what stakes would be required for that sort of return.

For the review I used £10 stakes.

It’s nice and simple this one. You get an e-mail in the morning, usually around 8am, containing a list of bets to be placed in the Place market on Betfair or BOG bookies. There’s exactly four bets each day. You can place your bets in the morning, using BSP at Betfair if there’s not much liquidity, so this could suit those that have to work during the day.

For this test I placed bets just before the off using The Bet Engine simply because it creates a useful spreadsheet of all the bets for me automatically, and a profit/loss summary.

The service is remarkably cheap, only £7.95 for the first month and then £15.95 a month after that (+vat). They also offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

I tested the service for two months and it became clear that the promises in the sales video were nothing like what was delivered.

For a start, they always give out four bets. Why would they do this? There’s no reason at all that I can think of why you would always get four bets in a day if you are going through the race card and identifying selections based on certain criteria. Surely some days the criteria won’t be met and you’d get no bets, or just one or two, or maybe some days you’d get five or six.

It seems to me as if they just look for four bets so that they can give the impression that they are running a service.

But what makes it worse is that often they get the time wrong, so you’re given a horse in a certain race and it’s not in the race card, so then you have to search around to find that race it is running in, and it’s clear that it’s been a typo.

That’s just lazy. If people are paying to receive four tips a day, the least you can do is make sure the tips are accurate.

But that’s not my main gripe.

The sales video would lead you to believe that this is a fantastically profitable service. Well, during the eight weeks of testing it, I was never in profit. In fact the bank gradually dwindled from £500 down to £228.36.

This is nearly 55% of the bank lost in two months. In order to get anywhere near  £1,500 a week profit, even if the service provided winning selections, you would need to be staking £200+ bets, in which case you’d need a betting bank of at least £10,000 and if I had been staking that I would have lost £5,432.80 over this trial.

Now any service can have a bad patch, and if there were actual published results on the website going back at least a year and showing the loss over the last two months then I might be tempted to give them the benefit of the doubt and extend the trial to see if they can make a recovery.

But they don’t. The only claims they make are that the service makes £1,436.37 profit every week.

This is clearly not true and therefore I shall waste no more time on this one. I suggest you don’t either.


You can try Place Profit Masters here:

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