I am going to be testing out this new service by a chap calling himself Carl Murray (although in the small print they admit this is a pen name). If the sales video is to be believed, this service can bring in £1,436.37 profit every week. Of course they say that’s NOT to £10 stakes but omit to say what stakes would be required for that sort of return.

Anyhow, I shall be using £10 stakes for this and if it proves profitable with that then we can have a think about proper stakes later on.

It’s nice and simple this one. You get an e-mail in the morning, usually around 8am, containing a list of bets to be placed in the Place market on Betfair or BOG bookies. There’s usually up to five or six bets each day. You can place your bets in the morning, using BSP at Betfair if there’s not much liquidity, so this would suit those that have to work during the day.

For this test I’m placing bets just before the off using The Bet Engine simply because it creates a useful spreadsheet of all the bets for me automatically, and I’ll make this spreadsheet available at the end of each month.

The service is remarkably cheap, only £7.95 for the first month and then £15.95 a month after that (+vat). They also offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

You can try Place Profit Masters here:

No Longer Available