Place Profits Final Review

Well, the end of the month seems like a good place to terminate the daily trial of the Place Profits service.

It has been disappointing. Up to the last week we were nicely in profit, and then the wheels dropped off. It has also been a bit of a roller-coaster experience too.

What you get for this service are two daily emails containing the same data. This, hopefully, negates the problem where the email service blocks an email as being spam, or negates a failure on one of the services. Members get selections for the Win market, the selection I received are for the place market. These selections are placed on Betfair; I did look at a bookie where you could make place-only bets but the returns were horrible and I soon ditched this.

With losses on both services, I cannot put this is the approved category. Given the scale of the loses it is tempting to put this in the failed category. However, looking at the past results, this service was close to being up 40 points this year up to last week. Lee’s data has mirrored mine during the trail, so I have no reason to doubt this. So, I am going to put this in the Neutral category with a view to monitoring this in the background and providing a less frequent (probably monthly) update.

One last word. I found Lee polite and easy to communicate with; He responded to my emails quickly.

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Summary for August

A much better month overall, over £1000 profit to £100 stakes. Had this been the only month that I recorded data I would have been giving this an APPROVED rating. However, this month just negates the losses of last month, for an overall profit of £175, so the rating has to stay NEUTRAL. If last month is repeated in September, this may change.

Main System: 14 Selections, 3 Wins, -£167.10 for the month.

Place Profits System 1: 144 Selections, 86 Wins, +£ 1658.45 for the month, +£ 887.35 in total

Place Profits System 2: 32 Selections, 18 Wins, -£ 295.15 for the month, -£ 543.80 in total


Summary for September

I have been trialing this since 20 June, and I won’t be following the results anymore as I feel I have given this service a fair crack.

This month the main service lost £-305.90 to £100 stakes, for a cumulative profit of £650+, and this sort of profit is not to be sniffed at. My more modest £1000 bank and £30 stakes is still nearly £200 up.

Conversely the second place system had a really good month with £441.45 profit, bringing the cumulative loss to £-102.35 to £100 stakes.

The “bonus” system where you back to win only had 3 selections this month, and nothing since the 9th. The loss was £300 to £100 stakes (i.e. all 3 lost) brining the cumulative loss to £-467.10. In the 2 months I trailed this 17 selections and only 3 winners is bad in anyone’s language. If you take up Lee’s service, this aspect is one to paper trade until you are convinced that he has turned the corner.

So, backing to win apart, the place systems were in profit for the month (£135 to £100 stakes). The two systems together made just over £550 in the three months.

Can I recommend this?  Well, the first month lost over £1000, both place systems combined. The following 2 months have turned this around to £550 profit, and that ain’t half bad. If I had started the trial in August I would have been heaping praise on this service. On the basis that July was a blip, it appears that this service is capable of making a decent return. Of course you need to stake to cover the subscription fee, and you need to be available to take the “Live Show” prices just before the off. I would also ignore the back to win service until it shows signs of turning a profit. Yes, I feel I can turn my NEUTRAL in to an APPROVED.

You can try Place Profits here: