I thought I might curtail this review a little earlier than I had intended .

Herewith the weeks results :

01/08/11 – Double :  -1.0


03/08/11 – Double :  +1.35

04/08/11 – Double :  +0.82

05/08/11 – Double & Treble : -2.0

RUNNING TOTAL :  0.96  pts profit

So, overall we have made very  little progress from the start of the trial on the 14th July.

As I have mentioned – this particular  system requires you to follow a selection process where you are required to make an assessment of the favourites  chances of achieving at least a ‘place’.  Hence, the prices are always ‘odds on’ – so you will be staking more than you will ultimately win, which is fine provided the strike rate is high. Otherwise, the losses deplete acrued profits quite rapidly and you find as I have, progress can be painfully slow.

The  website with which to make the double and treble stakes I found on a few occasions did not always have place market pricing at the time I was doing my selections (around midday). For some smaller races, there were no ‘to place’ market prices offered at all which is a tad annoying having identified a ‘dead cert’ or two!

Incidentally, I never did get an email from the authors of the system – despite emailing on two seperate occasions asking for qualification of one or two points. Read from this what you will….

Pros : Simple to operate /2 (sometimes 3)  selections on most days

Cons : requires high strike rate to be worthwhile  (‘tipped’ favourites and low priced selections didnt seem to place often enough for me!) / odds on pricing / some smaller races do not offer a place bet market (in which case you can use Betfairs’)

For a casual daily punt, this could prove fun for a short time but for most will probably be  a short-lived flirtation. You may feel, as I did, that the rewards simply weren’t great enough or  more importantly, frequent enough to warrant your time.

Tagline from the website reads :  “…Brand New ‘Place Betting’ System That Is Guaranteed To Skyrocket Your Account Like Nothing You Have Ever Seen Before!”

Use of the term ‘skyrocket ‘ implies to most that profits will be travelling at warp-speed into your account, the warp drive of my profits were clearly suffering from burn-out. However, this  trial did finish the right side of the line (but only just), so I will award this product a NEUTRAL rating as  the rather inflated profit-making claims on the Place Bet Pro website, certainly  didn’t live up to my expectations.  But I feel that perhaps they may do for a small select group of others.

You can get Place Bet Pro here: