On 2nd August 2012, a certain ‘Derek Potts’ e-mailed me with regards to his new service:

“My name’s Derek Potts and along with my partner Roger Hamilton,
I’m launching a horse racing advisory service called Platinum Profits.
Roger is a PhD statistics professor and is the genius behind the selections.

In each of the past three years we have averaged over 150 points profit.
We know our tipster service will be a massive success…”

I replied that we would be happy to run a review of the service, but since then, despite a further four or five e-mails requesting a subscription, he hasn’t bothered to reply. Now, I figured perhaps my e-mails were hitting his junk folder, so I e-mailed him from four different e-mail addresses… still nothing.

Then I received an e-mail from a reader with exactly the same problem. He had subscribed and received nothing, not even a reply to his e-mails.

So, six months on, it’s time to file this one in the bin where it belongs.

Do NOT subscribe to this, you’ll get nothing. It’s an outright SCAM.

The website is here: