Platinum Puck Profits is an ice hockey based system that you can purchase for a one-off free. For this you get a booklet that describes how to select the two teams from the same league that are bet as a double, and a simple Fibonacci-based loss recovery staking plan.

As you are betting doubles, this is a bookmaker-only service. It could be possible to do this on an exchange if the result from match 1 is known before match 2 starts; however, Betfair doesn’t always have the matches you are interested in. There is the little problem of being awake at 3 am to place the NHL bet which also makes exchanges unfeasible.

You have to find the selections for yourself and I used for this. I concentrated on the leagues mentioned on the website.

The trial was split into two components as I started looking at Platinum Puck Profits in February, just as the leagues were concluding the 2022-23 season. As I only managed to collect five weeks of data I decided to restart in October, when the leagues were starting their 2023-24 campaigns.

First Trial.
NHL Bets: 25. NHL P/L: -72.12 points.
Extraliga Bets: 7. Extraliga P/L: 8.24 points.
Fin Bets: 7. Fin P/L: -22 points.
DEL Bets: 10. DEL P/L: 19.93 points.
SHL Bets: 12. SHL P/L: 37.29 points.
Swiss Bets: 8. Swiss P/L: 12.61 points.
Total: 56.07 points.

The first trial ended rather nicely with good returns on the Czech Republic (Extraliga), Germany (DEL), Sweden (SHL) and Swiss, but a large deficit for the NHL.

Second Trial
NHL Bets: 19. NHL P/L: -36.83 points.
Extraliga Bets: 17. Extraliga P/L: -27.98 points.
Fin Bets: 19. Fin P/L: -25.45 points.
DEL Bets: 16. DEL P/L: -2.82 points.
SHL Bets: 18. SHL P/L: 33.19 points.
Swiss Bets: 17. Swiss P/L: -25.07 points.
Total: -84.96 points.

Performance through the second trial has not been as good with only Sweden (SHL) in profit, and NHL performing poorly again.

Overall, NHL is down 109 points, the Czech Republic (Extraliga) is down 20 points, Finland is down 47.5 points, Germany (DEL) is up 17 points, Sweden (SHL) is up 70.5 points and Swiss down 12.5 points for an overall loss of 29 points.

I am going to fail this service for the following reasons.

As it is bookmaker-based there is always the risk of getting gubbed; yes, you can use other bookies but the results above assume you are getting the best price. Profitability will be further reduced by taking lower odds making the service far less attractive. The second comment about being bookmaker-based is scalability, you are never going to be able to play these doubles at £500 per point, you may be able to get £25.

The website hasn’t been updated for 2 years and is, therefore, promoting itself with out-of-date data. This suggests that even the vendor has little interest in this service.

And, finally, the performance is just not there unless you remove the NHL from your list; you get a huge 109-point surge in overall profit to make roughly 80 points overall. I feel that the £800 profit, using our standard £10 per point, does not mitigate the concerns above, especially as £705 of this profit is just from one league (SHL) and if the wheels come off that …!

You can get Platinum Puck Profits here.