The NHL has been very disappointing with only 2 wins in the 20 bets placed. The Finnish ice hockey is not much better with no wins in their 5 bets.

Czech Extraliga has started its playoffs so there will be no new bets on this league for the remainder of this season. I suspect that the other leagues are closing in on their playoffs too which will terminate this trial early. This service may be better reviewed next Autumn/Winter.

Week 1 to 4
NHL Bets: 20. NHL P/L: -53.12 points.
Extraliga Bets: 7. Extraliga P/L: 8.24 points.
Fin Bets: 5. Fin P/L: -19 points.
DEL Bets: 9. DEL P/L: 4.93 points.
SHL Bets: 9. SHL P/L: -0.43 points.
Swiss Bets: 7. Swiss P/L: 14.61 points.
Total: -44.77 points.