Apologies for not posting this sooner as I have been recording results for some weeks now.

I considered making this a one-off review as I take my odds at breakfast time and the odds do move a little bit through the day. So my results may vary from yours, but I think that the variance will be small enough to make this a full trial.

Platinum Puck Profits is a service that makes bets in Ice Hockey events. The creator of “Platinum Puck Profits” has mainly bet on Sweden (SHL), Czech Republic (Extraliga), Swiss league and USA (NHL). I have added Finland (Liga) and Germany (DEL) to this list.

  • Anyone using this Platinum Puck Profits will be betting on the same matches and outcome.
  • We are backing to Win the Match (before Overtime if needed).
  • Staking in simple and easy to implement (and very safe).
  • No low odds, (must be 3.00 (2/1) or higher).
  • We are only looking at one bet a day any league.
  • Bet preferred with bookies, as they have the facilities best suited to this method.
  • You can use Betfair or other exchanges, just that it will require a little more work, but very doable. You have to ensure that the result of one match is known before betting on another. Bear in mind NHL is playing in the wee small hours.

A 60-point bank per league is recommended and the system comes with a simple loss-recovery plan.

There should be enough bets each week to make a weekly summary viable. I will take a look at the number of bets made after 13 weeks to determine whether a longer trial is required.

I will not be attempting to capture results using Betfair prices and I am using OddsPortal to find the bets as OddsChecker was giving me some issues. I record the best price I can but you may want to consider taking slightly worse odds in order to cycle around a basket of bookmakers so they don’t get a hint at what you are doing!

You can get Platinum Puck Profits here.