This is a new service being offered by Max, the man behind the popular Sport Spread Betting.

Subscription costs £25 per month and is processed through Clickbank, so you can safely manage your membership through them.

A starting bank of 50 points is advised and bets will be for between 1-3 points each.

Markets covered will be for a named player to have Over/Under x number of shots/passes/tackles etc.

These markets are offered by most of the big firms, but can be trciky to find on their coupons. Thankfully, Max does include the price and the bookie he has used in his email, which at least gives you a good starting point. Most bets seem to be found at Bet365, but we’ve had a few from Ladbrokes too. Must admit, I struggled to find the Ladbrokes ones at first and had to ask Max where they were. I had tracked them down to the #GetAQuote page myself but had been unable to find the exact player & stat advised, I had to scroll further down & expand a drop down menu to find it.

Obviously, that is not a criticism of the service, it’s a moan about poor web design by the bookies and a warning to any new members to have a full scout about when looking for selections.

So far, all of Max’s bets have been available at the price he quoted, but I will be recording bets to the price I achieve when placing them myself. I don’t usually test services with real money, but the thought of trying to hunt down the results of how many passes/shots/tackles a player made gives me a headache & it’s well worth paying a couple of bob on a bet to save having to try & find it

I only started the trial last weekend and, sad to say, it got off to a rough start. Friday & Saturday were ok but Sunday was a very tough day. Max is confident he’ll recover that quite quickly.



S/R 30.77%

P/L  -11.98 points