Final Review

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just realised I’ve made a mistake with my maths on the pokerstar review… I’ve not deducted my tournment fee from my winnings so my actual bank at the moment is $473 not $1304 as on the blog. Sorry.

The system is not really going anywhere special, it could take a long time to go up or down and it doesn’t really do what it says on the tin.  Also I have now come across the same system for free, address below with a list of good books I’ve read.

If you are just starting out, sit & go games are the way to begin just to grasp the game so this system will be ok for you and you’ll get maxium reward for a small joining fee and an hours play,providing you get to the top three, which the free book will teach.

Sorry about the early maths error.


Useful site:

Also  Books by Dan Harrington
Harrington on Holdem Volumes 1 and 2 (tournament play)
Harrington on cash games Volumes 1 and 2
Also books by David Sklansky (some of the maths is a bit hard to grasp by Sklansky. Harringtons books are very easy reads and you learn alot, if you go to Amazon, a lot of people have reviewed a lot of poker books, so the choice is yours.)

You can get Poker Star here: