Email received today as the trial draws to a close:

“We launched our no cost trial of Portfolio Power House on 13 January, and it was originally going to run till 12 February.

Chris Castell and myself are well aware that any service has to show a proven track record of varified results, and PPH is no exception.

This is of course why we offered the trial in the first place.

Results thus far have been disappointing to say the least, , therefore the no cost trial is being extended.

How long for I hear you ask…

As long as is necessary is the short answer.

Serious betting is a long term game as you all know, and there are inevitable ups and downs, so we’ll see what the next few weeks bring before drawing any conclusions.”

Can’t help wondering ‘how long’ is long enough in profit before the service starts to charge. Since one month of profit is not going to convince anyone with his head screwed on, how long?

This is my last post on this service. Since it is ongoing, I won’t give it the obvious rating.

You can try Portfolio Powerhouse for free here:

UPDATE 9th March

I recently followed this service’s free trial and reported on it here, negatively, as it happens. I have now received the following mail from the originators and I quote it here:

“Hi Terry,

You may remember that the PPH no cost trial started on 13 January.

Chris Castell was the man behind the systems, and our testing showed great promise.

The results of the trial however from January and February were way below our expectations, and Chris felt that it wasn’t worth continuing any further.

It also appeared that very few people were following the trial from February onwards.

I tend to agree, that if something really isn’t working, then it is sometimes best

to accept the situation and call it a day.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who took interest in the PPH trial.
We had high hopes for the service, however it wasn’t meant to be on this occasion.

Kindest regards

Matt and Chris”