I have been trying out the Pre Match Trading service over the course of the last month.

I had intended posting a weekly update of how I had been getting on but with the number of other trials winding up and the holiday period, I was tight on time for writing extra articles. I was however able to use the service on a regular basis.

I’m happy to be able to report that it does indeed work exactly as they describe on their website.

You log into the site and can then access the trading screen, there’s nothing to download as it’s all browser based and will work on all the usual platforms. It functions very smoothly and, once you’ve watched the videos and spied on the comments being made in the chatroom, it is quite easy to understand how it all works.

You watch for differences in what the tool calculates the correct price should be and what the current actual price on Betfair is, you can then place a Back or Lay bet and wait for it to move a tick or two before placing the contra bet to lock in a profit, which you can then either leave as a free bet or spread across all outcomes to guarantee a risk free profit.

Obviously, with only grabbing single or at most a couple ticks at a time the amounts are rather small. But you can often go back into the trade if the indicators are showing it should be on the move again and you can monitor all the major games to look for potential moves.

I did try several trades with real money as you are fully in control and can easily trade out, as the market is much slower moving before kick off, and did make enough to cover a month’s subscription fee over the space of a couple of sessions. So I know it does work.

You need to be able to use this in the build up to games in the bigger leagues as you need a decent amount of liquidity to make trading possible. You’d need to be able to keep track of the tool and monitor any trades you are in for a couple of hours before kick off, although it’s around the 90 min – 1 hour before kick off that most of the movement happens. This is where I did run into a bit of trouble using it as I do pretty much all my betting in game, so it is rather awkward to have all that extra time free. You don’t need to sit and start at the screen the whole time, you can easily leave it for a little while but you do have to be on hand to keep track of trades just in case some news breaks about team selection etc that can cause the market to give a bit of a lurch. You can have your trade out position sitting unmatched and that will close you out for a profit but there’s always the chance that a lurch the wrong way will leave you needing to act quickly to avoid going too far into loss.

This has to go in the APPROVED sections as it works perfectly well as it is intended to do, is good value for money and is fairly easy to do once you watch the videos and join in the chatroom. The email back up is excellent, they do help you if you are stuck and you can have good potential trades emailed to you. These trades are the ones the owners think will provide quick 1 tick profits and you are given easy to understand markets to trade and prices to enter at.

Bear in mind that you need to be patient with this as the markets do move slower pre kick off and you cannot rush at it and you will end up with plenty of small profits that add up to a decent, low risk return. Approved2