£400.63 per month.

That’s what you would have averaged in clear profit each month over the last 95 months backing the Precision Value selections to £20 level stakes.

When you consider those selections focus exclusively on runners right at the head of the market, you can see it would be very easy to get on to considerably larger stakes than that if you wanted to!

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Precision Value is the (sort of) new offering from Kieran Ward over at Make Your Betting Pay.

It’s the first time he’s offered memberships in this format but the bets have an enormously long andprofitable history as part of his Morning Value Service.

It is a super simple service that takes about 10 minutes a day to follow but offers the opportunity for a substantial second income if you are lucky enough to get one of the limited spaces.

£38,060.54 profit to £20 stakes

If you feel like being cautious, you can even paper trade them for 60 days, safe in the knowledge that if you are unhappy for any reason whatsoever, Kieran will give you every penny back.

These spaces will not last long.

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