Premier Football Investments – second review.

This is the second review of this service. In the first review (HERE) Dave stated, “The service has hovered around the break even mark, finishing a few points below”, nothing has changed as this statement summarises this trial too.

A simple service, you get an email containing the (odds-on) selections, which you then place at the best price you can. The quoted prices are usually available, but not for long, so you need to react to the email quickly. The service bets on football world-wide using Asian Handicap, Over/Under and Match Odds betting markets.

Asian handicap betting can be somewhat hard to get your head round, so if you’re not familiar with it, there’s a handy explanation HERE.

From the profit graph, you see that the service can work, weeks 1 through to 3 and 5 through to 10 demonstrate this. The problem is week 4 and weeks 10 through to 13 undo all the hard work. Further, as good as weeks 5 to 10 was, this made 6 points!

With the six months of the original review and three months of this review, in nine months the service has not made a profit. OK, apparently the selection process has been changed, the results, however, haven’t. Whilst, like Dave, I can see the potential, unfortunately, the original categorisation of failed remains.

You can sign up for Premier Football Investments HERE.