The free trial, which started on December 1st, took a while to get going, losing in December and recovering in January. It was extended for a month. With skinny average odds, a losing month is no great surprise, and you really have to take a six month minimum view. The bank did break into profit, but one setback day where all three bets lost put it back a tad below break even. Official results are: Units staked 161; p/l -.47; ROI -.29%; ROC -2.35%. So if I had to give a final opinion at this stage, it would be neutral. But since 2017 is showing a good ROI of +8.39%, there is enough promise to continue the review. My own results are slightly worse than the official results, but that’s because I am banned from many bookies and prefer not to have money sitting around in many accounts, though the sensible advice is always to get the best odds available.

RETURN ON CAPITAL 28.95% in 2017

Premier Football Investments utilizes highly sophisticated statistical-analysis software to create a daily short-list of football betting opportunities with the highest value odds.

All potential selections are then subjected to further detailed analysis of numerous intangible, human factors that can’t be accounted for statistically, maximizing our ability to provide safe, steady profit betting on world-wide football.

Premier Football Investments now live

As the name suggests, Premier Football Investments utilizes an investment-minded approach to football betting to provide safe, steady growth to your betting bank.

Beginning on August 13th, 2016 we’ve achieved an ROI (Return on Investment) of 6.97% and ROC (Return on Capital) of 136.59% from world-wide football in Asian Handicap, Over/Under and Match Odds betting markets.

Asian handicap betting can be somewhat hard to get your head round, so if you’re not familiar with it, there’s a handy explanation HERE.

With a £1,000 starting bank and £50 stakes that amounts to £1,360 profit to date, while even a minimal £100 starting bank would have generated £136 in profit from a £5 stake per bet.

Premier Football Investments is a partnership between John Baker, founder of the award-winning football betting advisory service Banker-Bets, and Carlo Manzoni, a full-time betting professional and part-time music teacher based in Rome.

This pairing has close to 25 years combined sports betting experience, though for Premier Football Investments John will be focussed on administration and providing first-rate customer service, allowing Carlo to focus 100% on what he does best – researching and recommending highly profitable football betting tips.

As a follower of Banker-Bets for well over a year, I have full confidence that this service is worth consideration, but I shall be reporting on the progress over the next few month. You can sign up for Premier Football Investments here