It is now six months since the free trial began, and time to draw a line under this.

The service has hovered around the break even mark, finishing a few points below. It is fair to say that these results are disappointing, but I have followed several football systems with odds-on selections over the last few years and I know some of them do have lengthy docile periods. The key with skinny odds systems is the same as any other, which is ensuring that value is still achieved, and the author Carlo Manzoni, a full-time betting professional and part-time music teacher based in Rome, claims that this was impressive in the period before launch, and I am certainly happy that this is no false claim, as it was monitored by his partner John Baker, founder of the award-winning football betting advisory service Banker-Bets, who I have known and praised on this website over the past couple of years.

RETURN ON CAPITAL -.45% in 2017

Premier Football Investments utilizes highly sophisticated statistical-analysis software to create a daily short-list of football betting opportunities with the highest value odds.

All potential selections are then subjected to further detailed analysis of numerous intangible, human factors that can’t be accounted for statistically, maximizing the ability to provide safe, steady profit betting on world-wide football.

As the name suggests, Premier Football Investments utilizes an investment-minded approach to football betting to provide safe, steady growth to your betting bank.

Beginning on August 13th, 2016 PFI achieved some impressive early results from world-wide football in Asian Handicap, Over/Under and Match Odds betting markets.

Asian handicap betting can be somewhat hard to get your head round, so if you’re not familiar with it, there’s a handy explanation HERE.


Official results are a little better than that because of odds differences, but not significantly. As the service is run by John, it is efficient and transparent. However, at the end of the day it’s the results which count, and with six months of testing under our belts, this can only be given a fail. However, should this take a turn for the better in future, which I think is entirely possible, I will bring it to the attention of CashMaster subscribers.

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