I have been looking at Premier Greyhound Tips, a tipping service from the Betting Gods stable. The service costs £39.95 per month or £99.95 per quarter.

You can see full results for this service here: Premier Greyhound Tips Results

With this service you receive an email sometime before the dog races which are almost exclusively evening races. You then place a bet for the advised number of points.

The service finished UP 29.25 points, £292.50 at £10 per point, from which roughly £100 of subscriptions need to be deducted. The official results page shows 431 points profit in 27 months, an average of nearly 12 points (£120 at £10 per point) per month after subscription has been removed, so we might have had a bad run during this trial.

Although the website shows the longest losing run as 18, at one point I was 76 points down, but I think it speak volumes that the service ended in profit. But I feel this means that you are going to need a bank of at least 100 points.

As this is not Horse Racing, there’s a fair chance of you being able to use Bookmaker accounts for some time, especially if you take steps to counter the dreaded ieSnare. Unfortunately, BSP prices are not easy to come by, so I don’t know if this will work using Exchanges, it should if you can get the quoted prices and it is important to get these prices as, to SP, the service was down 57 points.

From the results of the trial there isn’t quite enough profit to approve this service. I hope that you can see the potential for this service from the official results though, with compounding this could be a useful addition to your portfolio. However, this will have to be categorised as NEUTRAL.

You can get Premier Greyhound Tips here: Premier Greyhound Tips