This report covers the period from 12th May through to the end of the month on 31st May

AS I reported in the previous post the systems revolves around selecting short priced favourites in NH races .May is a transition period for NH racing as the summer runners start to re-appear ,and overall during the period the Strike rate has been affected.

So to the period 12th May through to and inclusive of 31st May

During this period I received 18 selections that qualified as bets and 10 of these duly obliged .The Strike Rate has dropped down to 55.5% and this is also reflected  in the overall Strike Rate for May which was similarly 55.17%.This compares to the performance  of the system through the majority of April which was  70%.

This drop in the number of winning selections ensured that the bank also dropped so we enter the last month of the trial with a gain since the 5th April of 11.5 Points.

Opening Bank =217.0 points Close 31stMay =211.5 points (net of 5% B/F comms)