The Premium Naps is a backing service – one of six Win/Lay options offered by the Pro Betting Club and is a stand alone service offered at £39.50 a month or £89.50 for a 3 month period. A quick recap on the service –The Premium Naps provides short priced selections predominantly based on National Hunt Racing in both the UK and Ireland and operates throughout the year.

The service has been operating since Jan 13 without yet suffering a losing month and after almost 500 qualifying selections has produced a strike rate consistently over 60 %.

Selections are available on line daily from 1230 and with the password provided a simple log in takes the user to the relevant page of the daily selections. In the case of this service all selections must pass through one filter utilised in the minutes before the off time to qualify as a Win Bet The recommended staking plan starts at 2points and there is a recovery staking plan to cover losing selections. A  200 point betting bank is recommended.

The service generally provides between 1 and 4 selections per day although there are days where no selections are offered .The system will work with a bot for those who cannot be at their computer at off time but for those who prefer to be in charge the filter is very easy to understand.

I have been monitoring the selections daily since 5th April 14 and up to the 27thApril 14 the system had produced 24 qualifying bets with a 70% strike rate and the bank grew by 10.1 points.

So to the period from 28th April through to and inclusive of 11th May: I had 11 selections that went on to qualify as bets and had 5 losers so the S/R  has dipped a bit during the period but overall to date it runs at 65%.The 1st May did most of the damage when I suffered 4 losses on the day but the staking plan has since dragged the bank back past it’s initial starting point.


Opening Bank =200 points Close 11thMay =217.00 points (net of 5% B/F comms)