There were no bets for this system today.

I have been receiving quite a few emails questioning the selections I have been blogging. It seems that some purchasers of the system have been coming up with different selections and therefore getting different results from the ones I have had. There was an updated version of the system released after the Racing Post added more functions to the new site. I have been speaking to the author and he has advised me that the version that should be used is the one dated 22/12/08. I have had copies of both the older and newer versions and, although there are no differences in the actual rules, the newer version is easier to understand thanks to the Racing Post introducing a more easily accessed stat filter. I also think the wording in the new version is easier to understand and removes the odd “Grey Area” that could possibly have caused a few readers problems. The author has advised me to ask anyone who purchased the system through the publishers to check that they have the new version dated 22/12/08 and if they find that they are using the older version they should contact Don Hydes from Sportsworld Publishing on 0871 871 9877 and ask for a copy of the updated system. Obviously, this only applies to people who have purchased the system through it’s legitimate publishers.

You should be able to see the date of the version you are using in the ebook. To clarify, if the number 16.5 is mentioned in a significant rule of the book you are using then you have an older version and should follow the instructions above.
During the test I have been receiving the selections direct from the author via email, but I have been making my own selections using the systems rules and only using his email as a double check. To date my selections have matched the author’s so I am confident that the updated version will help solve most of the problems people have been experiencing.