£25 level stakes

Current Bank £1190.75

1.20 Luisade +£23.75

2.30 Zanwood -£175.00

3.35 Back In The Red -£95.00

4.35 Bronx Girl +£23.75

4.40 Highly Regal -£175.00

Current Bank £793.25

10% liability

Current Bank £1164.64

1.20 +£25.14

2.30 -£116.41

3.35 -£116.43

4.35 +£23.53

4.40 -£116.41

Current Bank £864.06 (Next day liability £86.41)

Bad day for this system as two maximum priced lays won their races. If anyone is confused about why Luisade was the selection for the 1.20 and not another horse that also matched the criteria, it is because Luisade’s calculated figure was lower than the other potential selection and the book advises to always take the lower rated horse in this sort of scenario. Sorry to be a bit evasive but it is tricky to explain without giving the system’s rules away. Anyone who has the system book should be able to understand the point I am trying to explain.