Pro Betting Club’s Ultimate Horse Power (Final)

I have been looking at Ultimate Horse Power from the Pro Betting Club stable (no pun intended). The service was advertised as making over 230 points profit in the 4 months prior to the review.

The current price for the service is just £39.50 per month and the service is simple enough, there’s a website to log in to to get that day’s selections. These will be available by 12:30 at the latest. Here is the first of two niggles; selections are posted the evening before but twice during the review a further selection was added prior to start of racing. Therefore, you need to take selections as late as possible to ensure that you have the correct ones.

I recorded prices to Betfair SP (BSP) and deducted 5% from all winnings.

The trial’s ended 37.24 points down (1378 selections, 232 winners a strike rate of 16.8%). However, the maximum drawdown was 109.9 points blowing the recommended 100-point bank. Niggle number two, if not a full-blown rant, is that the website still recommends a 100-point bank even though this has been shown to be inadequate. If you decide to subscribe to this service, I’d suggest at least 150 points but I used 200.

May was simply awful (-116 points), and June(+46 points) made quite a decent recovery; July is just over 2 points up. As we know the vaunted British summer has, to this date, been slightly moist verging on soggy. Horses, as finely trained athletes, are suited to going of good, good to firm or firm at this time of year and do not perform well on soft and heavy going. It is like asking Usain Bolt to run in boots and expect him to still be under 10 seconds; it won’t happen. So I am prepared to allow some latitude for bad weather.

Normally blowing the bank is an immediate fail, this happened so early in the review that I recalibrated and continued. Whilst my results show me down, on another site where the review started a couple of weeks earlier, are showing just shy of break even. Assuming that the 230 points profit previously mentioned accurate, then this run of poor form would still see you handsomely in profit. On my results this service is very close to being failed, but in the light of this other site’s results and the aforementioned weather considerations I will go for NEUTRAL.

You can try Ultimate Horse Power here:Neutral