Pro Footy Tips is a tipster service offered by the Betting Gods stable. First month subscription is available for £1 with further monthly payments of £29.95. Cheaper rates are available for longer subscription periods.

Selections arrive by email but there is a members area of the website you can log into to if you prefer that method. Emails arrive daily, even on No Bet days, and selections can be for later the same day or for up to 2 days in advance. All selections are easy to understand and the prices quoted have always been available at the time of receipt.

Bets have mainly targetted straight Home or Away win bets but we have also had a few Asian Handicap and Draw No Bet selections too. They tend to be on less fancied sides and the odds available reflect that.

A starting bank of 75 points is recommended on the FAQ page, so I used £750 bank to have £10 a point bets. Official results are updated every couple of days and have matched my experience exactly. So no complaints about honesty so far.

It seems we joined the service at the worst possible moment as August was the first losing month since last December. The tipster himself, Geir, says that he has been been successfully betting on football for the last 28 years and does average 2 losing months a year.

When you join Pro Footy Tips you receive your daily selections email from Geir, a second daily email from Betting Gods owner Darren, and a weekly email covering all manner of sports and/or betting news and views.

The daily email from Darren is a mix of news from other services, betting advice and always has some free bets from other Betting Gods tipsters. You can unsubscribe from these extra emails without it affecting delivey of the tips you have paid for. I decided to do this as I found the extras a bit annoying and wasn’t interested in the free tips. I haven’t had one since unsubscribing from them and have not received any other spam type emails, it’s nice to see they don’t push the cross selling too hard if you say you don’t want it.


At the end of November I wanted to extend the trial beyond our usual three month period because I was concerned about how stable the profit made seemed.

The problem was that we ended the trial period with a very nice profit. A nice problem to have, you may well think but my concern was based on the fact that we’d had one losing month that cost us around 16 points, then a month that was roughly break even, followed by a couple of months showing really good bottom lines. The break even month and one of the good months had been showing really worrying levels of loss, with the bank coming perilously close to being wiped out, only to be saved at the very end of the month by a fantastically good winning day.

I was concerned about how often that pattern could be repeated before we missed that one winning day, meaning extinction for our betting bank. Thankfully things have settled down into a much more stable set of results and I have been reassured by the comments made by Geir about the earlier roller coaster ride.

So I’ve finally been able to come to a decision I’m comfortable with and have a set of figures, complete with stable performance, that I’m happy to go with.

Selections are received by email and are usually for the following day’s fixtures, although weekend fixtures may be provided a day or two early.

All emails are easy to understand and prices quoted have been available and are often beatable with a little shopping around. If there is one niggle that I’d like to mention, it’s that there is always a monthly profit/loss figure included in the daily email and it is ALWAYS misleading. To be fair, there’s a link included to get the latest up figure available from their official results. Why not stick to just including this link? Why state a separate figure which is always out of date and can cause confusion when compared to your own records? I think this may be more of a Betting Gods thing rather than specific to this service as I am reviewing another tipster from their stable and the same format is used there too.

Membership costs £29.95 per month, with the first month available for just £1. Cheaper deals are available for longer subscription periods.

END OF TEST FIGURES (almost 6 months test period)

BETS 208
S/R 24.52%
AV ODDS 4.81
ROI 15.27%

PROFIT= +74.56 points (£745.60 @ £10 a point level stake)

All very impressive, even more so when you consider the recommended starting bank is 75 points. That means we’re just half a point away from doubling the bank during our trial period. That’s very good going considering the unprecedented (according to the owner) close calls experienced early in the trial

Detailed results for here.

You can try Pro Footy Tips for £1 here: