Hi Everyone

Liam Moroney here again with a one off mini review of the Pro Master Football Bet.

I must admit that as soon as I saw the sales page and received the manual for this system I wanted to put it straight in the failed list. I just didn’t trust the wording and I usually find that if a system comes with tons of “Bonus” items, then the item you are actually buying is not up to much.

To be fair it is not as bad as I first thought, but I feel I must stop short of adding it to the approved list.

The system revolves around perm correct score bets on named teams. The way the staking is worked out is quite interesting on paper. But you quickly realise that while the author’s claim that they achieve the published results using only 3 bets per team, you would have to place a few more than that to be fairly confident of getting a return of any sort. I would say that you would probably need to place a total of around 16-20 of these bets spread across the named teams to be fairly confident, but by placing that many you almost negate any profit that could be made, plus you need to maintain a very healthy strike rate indeed. Over the three weekends I monitored the results I had a strike rate of about 75% and to be fair it would have turned a small profit. The trouble is that even with that fairly decent strike rate I didn’t make enough to withstand a weekend of shock results, and there have been a few of them this season already. Add that to the fact that football is changing fast in this country with new money flooding into teams that have been taken over making it an even more unpredictable sport.

This form of perm betting has been around for ages, but the staking system suggested is a bit different from the norm so I wouldn’t be quite as dismissive of this system as I have been with some recycled old systems.

I would suggest this should be filed in the neutral list. I do not feel it is capable of making long term decent profits due to the number of bets really required, but I would use it once in a while for very small stakes purely as an interest type of bet. I would say that it will make money but not at the rate claimed.

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