Pro Tennis Tips  is, as its names suggests, a tipping service for tennis matches .

What do you get for the subscription? Five good things:

1. A daily email delivery of the selections given to you in plenty of time.

2. An analysis of every selection.

3. Advice for the best odds from bookmakers.

4. A rock-solid 30-day money back guarantee, and

5. A profit-boosting staking plan from Swedish mathematician Svend Johannson.

There are two levels of cost for the service; one, a monthly one of £55.00, or the better option, a complete full tennis season for a one-off payment of £197.00, equivalent to two free months.

The record of this service in 2013 is impressive and if you want to get involved in the major tournaments like the French Open, Wimbledon, the US Open, the Davis Cup and much more, this may be the system for you.

Pro Tennis Tips recommend you open accounts with 3 specific bookmakers. If you have accounts at Pinnacle Sports, Stan James and Marathonbet they guarantee you’ll be able to place the exact bets they recommend and also that you’ll be able to get on at the best odds or very close for every selection.

During my trial I also looked at Average odds but this has a detrimental effect on profitability so it is absolutely essential to use the recommended bookmakers if you are to make a worthwhile profit with this service.

I tested this service for 66 days between 22nd June and 10th September. It initially got off to a bad start with their worst losing run of the year with 13 losses from the first 15 bets, but since then it made a strong recovery of profit finishing with 10 points level stake profit for August and 6 more from the beginning of September, so they’re obviously heading in the right direction.

Final Results:

Level stakes: 5.47 points profit, or 21.88 percent growth on a 25-point starting bank. Staking Plan: 5.82 points profit, or 23.28 percent growth on a 25-point starting bank.

Despite hitting a losing run during the trial, we still managed a healthy profit compared to the bank required and therefore this service gets an Approved rating.


You can try Pro Tennis Tips here:

UPDATE January 2014

The results for the entire year are very encouraging:

Level Stakes: + 36.08 points for 144% growth of 25 point starting bank
Staking Plan: + 44.35 points for 177% growth of 25 point starting bank

A 25 point bank is very low indeed, so to put it into perspective, this is the equivalent of making 177 points on a 100 point bank, which is excellent.