Wednesday 20th January

A loser this morning.

Profit today:-£150

Thursday 21st January

And another losing trade this morning

Profit today:-£150

Total Profit:-£250

One reader e-mailed in to suggest that the way I am running this test, as in placing the trade and just aiming for a scalp of 20 pips, will mean I always miss out on the big movements. By using the system as recommended in the manual I would have made 60+ pips on Tuesday if I had moved my stop at midday. But I want to see how this system performs for people unable to access the internet during the day due to work committments. So what I will do is also monitor what would happen if I didn’t set a limit of 20 pips but instead set the trade to close automaticallly at 4pm. So either it hit’s the stop loss or takes the profit on the table at the end of the day. Both these scenarios could be done by people without internet access. In fact, it’s even possible to open one position for a 20 pip scalp and one to go all day.