Profit From Systems Laying Service Final Review

This service is a tipping service costing £35 per month where you log in to a members only area to collect the selections to Lay. You need to do this in the morning for the afternoon races and just after 6pm for the evening races.

There is an odds range for the selections that is based upon Betfair SP. As BSP can’t be calculated prior to the off, in effect this means the odds range is for the live Betfair price. Sometimes this will get bets you shouldn’t and you’ll not get bets you should. I asked John about this, and his response is that whilst this is true it does even itself out.

The webpage boasts about 12 points made per month on average and the sales page states the monthly target is 8 points. With a profit of £246 using £100 stakes (2.46 points), neither of these two targets were achieved during the trial.

The couple of emails I fired at John were answered promptly, so no worries there.

As using a more sensible stake of £10 would not have covered the cost of subscription I would normally place this as NEUTRAL. However, as the frequency of the losses suggests that with a decent loss-recovery stake plan a more significant return would be possible I am going to lean towards APPROVED.

You can join the Profit From Systems Laying Service here: