Profit Lockdown is a horse racing system that will work on UK and Irish races from the Racing Advisor Michael Wilding and his team. In its simplest form its a each way backing system that exploits opportunities to highlight value for money selections. There are also two further options that can be explored that ”bolt” onto these selections and enable the user to layoff the back bets utilising Betfair. These laying systems are for those people who do not like potential losing runs and in effect they allow the back selections to be traded out.

The system costs £80 and for this you will receive a password to download a video and instructions on how to spot the value selections. There is no e-manual at the moment and in some small areas the instructions that come with the video are a bit “thin”, however my 2 queries were answered promptly and I did find the system easy to put into practice after going over the instructions 2 or 3 times and then practicing a few selections and watching the video again.

You will need a minimum of 4-6 online bookie accounts, preferably BOG, and currently there are some 19 bookies offering online BOG accounts. If you wish to trade out selections then a Betfair account will also be required. The producers of Profit Lockdown state that it is mathematically impossible to lose money over the long term if value selections are correctly made. Of course you may end up having accounts closed down by the bookies but always providing you spread the bets around and keep the stakes to a reasonable level, I’m thinking £10-£50 max then this should not be a problem.

One of the major advantages of the system is that you can look for the selections any time from the evening right up until approximately 10 minutes to post time. If you want to go down the trade route you will need to devote a bit more time closer to post time to exploit the lay opportunities. As I have already stated the system is easy to operate taking about 5 minutes to process a card so 15 minutes or so should see a 3 meeting afternoon session comfortably completed.

There aren’t going to be large numbers of value selections every day, bookies do not make that many mistakes in pricing up a race, nevertheless on average I have been finding 3 -5 selections a day. Because selections and thus results may vary depending on what time the system is operated and of course whether you do every meeting, including the evening meets, my results may well not be the same as others may have found.

I decided to trial the backing system and paper traded with the recommended 75 point bank using 0.5 points each way i.e 1 point per selection.

This is the second report on Profit Lockdown and covers the period 18th August through to 2nd September inclusive.

The system author claims that the system can provide potential value each way bet selections at any time from the evening before racing until 10 minutes before a race. To test this claim I have again, during the period, looked randomly at a whole race card 8 hours before meetings start and on another occasion a race card only 35 minutes before a meeting commences. I have looked at the entire Saturday set of meetings and on another day just one Irish meeting.

From these randomly selected time periods and random numbers of selected meetings over the 26 day period I found 59 qualifying selections and ended up with a gain of 10.50 points.

During the period from 8th – 17th August there was a gain of 4.16 points, see detailed in report number 1 for the random race meeting selections made.

People who look at the selection process at differing times may well end up with different results to others but it would appear to me that the authors claim that it is a mathematical certainty that profits will be made as long as value bet selections are made would appear to be proved..

The system in operation is easy and practice makes the routine of going through a card almost a semi automatic process .The only proviso I must make with the system is that the user does run the risk of having accounts closed over the longer period by bookmakers.

This report concludes the test of Profit Lockdown and I have no hesitation in awarding the system a PASS.

You can try Profit Lockdown HERE