Here’s another Lay betting tip service, this time brought to you from a chap going by the name of Adam Wilkes.

You get a 30 day trial for just £4 and the selections are e-mailed to you each morning, usually around 11am.

The staking for this service is recommended as a 10% liability on each bet. So your total risk on each bet is 10% of your bank. This may sound a lot but your bank is re-calculated after each bet so you wouldn’t bust the bank in ten losing bets as the risk on each bet reduces after a loser and increases after a winning bet.

The advantage of this staking is that, so long as the performance is reasonably good, the bank increases quite dramatically. He includes a spreadsheet of his own bets showing how he earns £500+ a month having started with a relatively modest amount.

The maximum odds on a lay bet is 6.99 and bets can be placed in advance with a price stipulation because we use Liability betting. Alternatively you can use a bot to place your bets for you.

I’ve been subscribing since 22nd December 2013, so I’ve had four and a half months of tips so far and here are my results, starting with a £500 bank:

Bets: 89
Successful: 71
Unsuccessful: 18
Strike Rate: 79.8
Avg Odds: 4.42

Profit: £237.68

This represents a 47.53% increase on the bank in just over four months which is not bad.

The subscription cost is a very reasonable £19.97 a month, with the first month at £4, so even deducting subscription costs of  £63.91 for the period, I’m still up by £173.77.

Ok, this isn’t exactly going to pay off your mortgage, but a £500 starting bank is modest anyway so this kind of return, even after subscription costs, is pretty good.

It will be interesting to see where my bank is at after one full year and I will of course update you in due course.

For now I’m going to mark this one as Approved.

It’s a nice simple laying service which appears to deliver the goods.Approved2

You can try Profit From Racing for £4 here:



Since publishing this review it has come to my attention that I should have been betting to 1% lay stakes, rather than 10% lay liabilities. I’m pretty sure I must have set the wrong staking tab in the Bet Engine when I set this up but I guess we now know that this is also profitable betting to Lay Liabilities which is also useful for people that don’t use bots and can’t be around to check the price stipulation before the off.

I have now set mine to bet to 1% lay stakes and will update this in a few months.