Take a look at these screenshots from the ‘February Profit Round-Up’ thread on the ProfitSquad forum.

As you can see, members are reporting five-figure profits and that’s just in one month!

There are many more like this with several members posting profits in the thousands!

So how are all of these members making so much profit??

ProfitSquad provide members with a number of money-making strategies which give you, the player, the edge over the bookmaker or casino. There’s no tipping or punting bets and by simply choosing the correct bookmaker offers which have a Positive Expected Value (+EV), you can return a profit.

Primarily, Profit Squad are a matched betting service. You will probably know what matched betting is so I won’t go too deep into that but it’s basically turning free bets from bookmakers into real withdrawable cash by covering all outcomes of a bet. It can be extremely profitable, even if you already have accounts at all of the bookmakers.

However, Profit Squad offer SO much more than standard matched betting. They’re experts in extracting value from casino offers as you can see from the profit examples above. They also offer a number of other unique money-making strategies which can make you worthwhile profits each month.

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