The majority of you will be familiar with matched betting. You place a bet with a bookie and lay it on the exchange so that one of your bets always wins. You won’t make a profit from these bets but you will receive a free bet for placing them from which you can make a profit.

You repeat the process above with the various betting offers available from bookmakers on a daily basis and you make a profit. Simple.

However, there is so much more to matched betting than simply claiming free bets and you’ll find many people who have been doing matched betting for years have adapted and include advanced strategies and methods in their daily routines.

So, how do you connect with these experienced bettors and where do you learn the strategies to help you make a profit after claiming all of the free bet offers?

Well, many of these experienced matched bettors are members of Profit Squad. Profit Squad is a matched betting site that offers a lot more than standard matched betting. As a member, you’ll learn advanced strategies, loopholes and other ways of generating an income from home in your spare time. Some Profit Squad members even do this on a full-time basis!

Profit Squad have a 14 day membership which costs just £1 that will give you a taste for what is on offer and as an added bonus, we’ve been able to arrange some exclusive discounts for those of you who are looking to join for a little longer. Both result in savings of 35% compared to paying monthly!

Quarterly Membership for £34.99 – Use Promo Code CASHMASTER90

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Simply enter the promo code when registering and the discount will be applied (you’ll see a link on the registration form saying ‘click here to change your discount code’.

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If you sign up, be sure to connect to Discord via the button on the dashboard of the members area. This is a real-time private chat application for Profit Squad members where you can discuss strategies, available offers and learn from the pros!