Recent research has produced the following FRIGHTENING results.

A person aged 65 with £100,000 pension pot could currently receive an annual annuity income of £3,400. If you divide this by 365 days in a year, you get a daily income of £9.31, between you and your partner.

Try living on this sum of money now, to get used to how it feels (assuming you have £100,000 in your pension fund). Ask yourself what quality of life will £9.31 a day buy you both? Even if you have £500,000 in your pension pot at these returns, is that going to be enough? £46.58 a day between you.

Are we sleepwalking headlong into a major personal financial catastrophe or is it time to take action?

With the PIE strategy a £100,000 pot could return £30,000 per year, even more if you were more active with it. With £500,000 you could be looking at a £150,000 pa income, or £410 per day before tax.

This takes just 10 minutes a month to operate, so it won’t eat into your retirement activities at all, or your work life if you’re that way inclined.

The strategy isn’t difficult, or complicated, and there are no age barriers to getting started.

“Hello to you both, I know it is a long time since I last sent you an update… Nevertheless since 16th March last year to date my account has improved by 44%, however this is only with 10 trades. Best wishes. David”

David is in his eighties and returned 44% in less than a year!

Of course, if you wish to be more proactive with the strategy, then the profit is there for the taking:

“Took £100 profit per contract out yesterday. Only sold them late on Thursday and bought back Monday lunch. That’s 30% in less than 48 hours!

Steve enjoys some rather juicy profits by trading more actively.

You can learn this strategy on a one day masterclass either in London, or in South Yorkshire. Here’s some feedback:

“I attended a seminar at a London hotel run by Glynn and Paul. The layout was very impressive and the whole thing was very well run.
The object was to explain their concept on trading in options. I had no knowledge of “options” let alone that they could be traded. The idea was brilliantly explained and over the morning session of some 3 hours it made perfect sense.
The afternoon session was manly spent on doing tests on the large screen by various members of the group. I liked the idea and signed up to the system.
I received two large beautifully detailed manuals explaining the system in detail. What appealed to me were the various types of system you could choose depending on your own preference.  I have always tended to the safe side so I picked a very safe approach and operated strictly to the suggested details in the manuals. I can truly say that I never lost money by following implicitly what was laid down in the manuals. I dare say by taking a different approach I could have made more money but I am perfectly happy as I am.

Both Glynn and Paul are available by phone or e-mail as back up but by following the manuals, you do not have to contact them often. In closing I would not hesitate to recommend the PIE system to anyone. – Ron Syme”

They are running a masterclass on 18th April in South Yorkshire and this is one of only three they are running this year.

If you can’t make the masterclass but want to learn the strategy then you can purchase the Home Study course that can be downloaded and viewed at your leisure. Purchasing the home study course comes with the same level of support by both telephone and e-mail, plus it entitles you to attend one of the live masterclasses in the future, should you wish to, at no extra charge.

Glynn and Paul have been teaching this method for seven years now and have received some amazing feedback over the years, details available on their website below: