I got a lovely e-mail this morning from my bank letting me know they were kindly reducing the interest rates, again, on my Bonus Savings account:

This isn’t even a current account, this is a specific savings account that attracts a ‘higher rate’ of interest. As you can see, they’re reducing the rate from 0.6% to 0.4%, or 0.1% if I have the audacity to withdraw any funds in any given month.

So a savings account that now pays less than half a percent interest a year.

With the current rate of inflation at 1.7% but, more realistically, the retail price index at 2.6% we can see the value of any funds I choose to ‘save’ is falling at quite a pace.

Essentially, it’s costing me money to park my funds in a bank.

Which is why I don’t do it…

One of my favourite methods of getting my money to work for me is PIE. This takes ten minutes a month to manage, produces returns up to 30% pa, and has been doing the business for the last seven years.

To put this into perspective, £25K left in my ‘Savings’ account will produce £100 in a year…so long as I don’t ever withdraw any funds. That’s just about enough for a decent meal in a restaurant in London… for one person.

That same £25K put to use with the PIE strategy could return up to £7500.

That’ll pay for a cruise.

If you want to learn how to do this, there is a one day workshop next Thursday 17th October in South Yorkshire, or you can download the home study course to learn the strategy at your own convenience.

If you’d like to speak to the chap that developed the strategy, you’re welcome to give him a call for an informal, friendly chat. His details are:

Glynn Calvert: 07905 906399

“Dear Glynn

I have attended several FOREX courses looking for the know how to learn to trade. The courses I attended varied but all gave the impression, quickly confirmed , that the course providers did not trade their own money and were looking to hard sell these courses with no interest or commitment to my success. It was very like the worst of experiences in buying a used car.

I thought long and hard before investing in my PIE course and have been very impressed with your commitment and the real feeling that you were offering something of substance with a lasting interest in my success. It was a relief to me that my expectation has been more than fulfilled and, in contrast to my earlier experiences, PIE is the Rolls Royce of courses.

Thank you !

Gary – May 2019″

More details here: