At the beginning of the year we gave Profitable Lays a Neutral rating as it didn’t make much profit during our trial (it didn’t lose anything though).

One thing I’ve noticed though is that in the last two years using Profitable Lays, the months of August, September, October, November and December have made an astonishing profit of over £7,000 to recommended stakes and not one losing month between them…

…and this year? Well, August made a profit of over £900 and so far September is up to the tune of over £550!

For a one off purchase of £67 you get a well written e-book that shows you how to find the selections, PLUS you can get the selections given to you every day in the members area on their site if you prefer to have them find the selections for you.

Check out the results below:

August +£247.75
September +£1,606.50
October +749.25
November +£205.25
December +£901.50

August +£668.25
September +£380.25
October +£1,056
November +£681.25
December +£552

August +£913.25
September +£552.75

You can get Profitable Lays here: