This is a laying service that has been running since September last year. It was proofed live on a free daily e-mail service from the middle of September until the end of January and attained an average strike rate of 90% and 230 points profit. At this point it started as a paid service.

This lays horses in the Win market on Betfair, however bets are determined by the price in the Place market.

So you log into the members area each morning to pick up the bets, but you only lay them if the PLACE price is 3.0 or less.

This is very easily set up in the Bet Engine, so bets can be simply entered in the morning and left to run.

I’d been watching this for a while and decided to start betting with my own money on Friday 4th April , betting £20 level stakes. The results initially were very pleasing, with a profit of £340 in the first week. However, it bombed after that, gave it all back and then proceeded to go further and further into the red.

I’ve called a halt to the trial on 23rd June, as the service provider mentioned he might shut down the service due to poor performance. Here are my final results:

Bets: 177
Successful: 146
Unsuccessful: 31
Strike Rate: 82.5%
Avg Odds: 7.1

Profit: -£486.73

I really disappointed how this has turned out as it had an excellent run prior to this. It may be that this service works best during the National Hunt so if it’s still going then, I’ll retrial it to see how it does.

For now, I have to put this down as FAILED.Failed

You can try Profits From The Turf here: