Project Prosperity is the latest offering from the Bonus Bagging Guru, Mike Cruickshank. Using his Betting Mastermind Package and a series of instructional video tutorials, he will show you how  to turn a starting bank of £500 into about £20000 in about nine months.  Thereafter, you will be able to earn £2000 to £3000 every month with this £20000 bank.  This can be done with  only one hour (or less) per day of your time. So it is potentially life changing stuff.

The product is aimed at bonus baggers/matched bettors all the way from newbies  to advanced practitioners.

The Betting Mastermind Package includes all his products to date: Bonus Bagging; Profit Maximiser; Accumulator Generator; Matched Betting Software; Each Way Sniper; EV Maximiser; Betfair Sniper; Betfair Renegade; and Bookie Blowout. All these products are successful money makers on their own, together they are a power-house of earning.

Purchasing the Betting Mastermind Package will lead to  a saving of £656 per year over purchasing all the products separately.

To recap then: Project Prosperity is a series of video seminars by Mike  into how to use his Betting Mastermind Package  for building a bank of £20000 from £500 in about nine months and thereafter being able to earn £2000 to £3000 every month. All this for one hour (or less) work per day. Project Prosperity includes Lifetime access to all of Mike Cruickshank’s systems and sites.

The first live training seminar for Project Prosperity is May 18th with follow on seminars. I will begin my live review soon after this date.

To learn more about this great adventure, secure your place  for only £97 + VAT upfront and try it out risk free for 30-days, click the link below:

Project Prosperity