In almost four months since my last update, I have made £947.89 further profit, broken down as follows:

Bonus Bagging new bookmakers and reloads (35 bets): +£133.50
Sports Refunds Horses (63 bets): +£87.82
Sports Refunds Soccer (4 bets): -£2.91
Each Way Values (148 bets at £2 each way): +£60.65
Accumulator Generator Value Bets (33 bets): +£54.48
Acca Boost Bets (28 bets): -£107.41
Two Ups (4 bets): -£6.86
No-Risk Casino Offers (12): +£12.27
Low-Risk Casino Offers (17): +£22.96
Advanced Casino Medium Risk Offers (15): +£745.48
Advanced Casino High-Risk Offers (9): -£51.99

Advanced Casino Medium Risk Offers and Bonus Bagging have provided most of the profit above.

My Betting Bank has now reached over £10,000 from a starting bank of £500. So it’s an appropriate time to bring the review to an end. Although the Project Prosperity Protocol (part of the Betting Mastermind product) did not live up to its sale hype of reaching £15,000 in nine months, as opposed to £10,000 in about three years, it still garners a strong pass. Bear in mind that over several years I’ve reviewed about 15 systems in total across a number of money-making sites, and I’ve only ever passed two other products. And neither of these products are still on the market.

This a protocol that requires persistent long-term effort and good house-keeping to bear fruit. I spent one hour a day on average. During the hour one needs to check email offers, mobile offers, the Betting Mastermind Calendar, update results and place bets. And on occasion chase up bonuses that haven’t been added to your betting account.

I opened up a grand total of 228 online sportsbooks, bingo sites and casinos. I always used a debit card for depositing and withdrawing and despite hundreds of transactions, only on about two occasions did I have to chase up sites to get the transaction completed. And on about two further occasions I had to provide additional personal verification through the telephone before they allowed large withdrawals (over £500).

About 13 of my sportsbook accounts have been gubbed (meaning no more sports bonuses) and two of those have severe limitations on horse racing (not even £1 each way bets allowed). And another sportsbook account was terminated. I never took arbs, which has clearly helped the other 50 plus sportsbook accounts remain ungubbed.

There is still plenty of scope for more earnings to be made from my Betting Mastermind (BM) Account: there are about several micro-systems and techniques that I haven’t touched and in the future, I will dip into BM further. If time permits, I will provide further updates.

The Project Prosperity protocol simply tells one which microsystems to focus on and in which order, if you are limiting your activity to one hour per day. Also, reaching a bank of £10,000 means that I have finished Stage 3 of the Project Prosperity Protocol and there are still two more stages to go. One particular good earner was Advanced Casino Medium Risk Casino Offers, which made £1462.23 in all and there are still some reloads to do there.

The total cost of the Betting Mastermind is £216 to purchase and then £40 each additional year for upkeep. So the Total Cost is £336 for four full years and I have 9.5 months left.

Here are the Final Stats:

Stage 1 (Bookmaker bonuses and reloads, Bingo offers, Casino no risk and low-risk offers) and Stage 2 (Horse Racing refunds, Soccer refunds, e/w extra places, calendar offers). Total Profits: £7534.31

Stage 3 (e/w value, two up, one up, Advanced Medium Risk Casino offers, Advanced High-Risk Casino offers, Enhanced Accas, Accumulator Value Bets). Total Profits: £1973.30

Starting Bank (June 12th 2017): £500
Last Reported Bank (May 9th 2020): £9059.72
Profit Since Last Reported Bank (May 9th 2020): +£947.89
End Bank (August 31st 2020): £10,007.61
System Costs: £336
Net Profit: £9,171.61

Final Verdict: It’s a Pass for The Project Prosperity Protocol (Betting Mastermind).

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