The bank from Betting Mastermind/Project Prosperity has now reached over £7000, so it’s time for an update. With the bank still in the range, £5000 to £10,000, I continue with Stage 3 of the Project Prosperity Protocol. I am still spending approx. 75 mins per day on this – on average.

Here is the breakdown of the profits since my last report (Sept 3rd, 2018)

Bonus Bagging – new bookmakers and reloads 159 bets £608.12
Sports Refunds (horses) 20 bets £76.61
Sports Refunds (soccer) 28 bets £39.79
No Risk Casino 26 offers £66.85
Low Risk Casino 18 offers £62.89
Each Way Value (£1 e/w) 148 bets £33.28
Accumulator Value 44 bets (of which 12 are refund bets) £220.97
Two Up 23 bets (one hit) £98.92
Enhanced Acca Value 7 bets -£70 (loss)
Advanced Casino Medium Risk 8 offers -£45.6 (loss)

Bonus Bagging is still the mainstay of the profits, whilst accumulator value bets show the best profit per bet and are the most time efficient.
The return from Each Way Value bets has been much lower this period, but this can happen due to variance. Likewise with Advanced Casino Medium Risk Offers.

I’ve introduced two further strategies from Betting Mastermind this period: Enhanced Acca Value bets and Bet365’s Two Up Offer. The latter looks very promising and is quick to do. The former is also time efficient, but only 7 bets have qualified to date in my watch and that’s a very small sample size.

Here are the overall stats to date:

Starting Bank (June 12th 2017): £500
Profit Since Last Report (Sep 3rd 2018): £1102.02
Current Bank (January 6th 2019): £7237.10

Profit Since Start : £6737.10

Next report when the bank hits £8000.

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