The bank from The Betting Mastermind/Project Prosperity Protocol has now reached over £9000, so it’s time for an update. I’ve been following the protocol for almost three years with a profit of over £8500.

Here is the breakdown of the profit since my last report (June 13th, 2019):

  • Bonus Bagging – new bookmakers and reloads 173 bets: £424.82
  • Sports Refunds (horses) 150 bets: £120.25
  • Sports Refunds (soccer) 7 bets: £11.73
  • No-Risk Casino 30 offers: £83.53
  • Low-Risk Casino 49 offers: £307.24
  • Each Way Value ( increased now to £2 e/w) 96 bets: £35.71
  • Accumulator Value 44 bets (only 1 won outright! and 9 are refund bets): – £242.91 (loss)
  • Two Up 10 bets (no hits): -£21.52 (loss)
  • Enhanced Acca Value 17 bets (six hits): £58.10
  • Advanced Casino Medium Risk 13 offers (eight hits): £540.38
  • One up William Hill 3 offers (one hit): £3.71
  • Advanced Casino High Risk 14 offers (two hits): -£347.24 (loss)
  • No-Risk Bingo Offer 1 offer: £28

Bonus Bagging, Low-Risk Casino offers and Advanced Casino Medium Risk offers (from new casino sign-ups) continue to provide the bulk of the profits. It’s been a long haul to reach £9000: long losing runs on accumulator value bets and high-risk casinos are mainly responsible for this. The law of large numbers should turn the losing runs into overall profits in the long run.

With the bank still in the range, £5000 to £10,000, I remain in Stage 3 of the Project Prosperity Protocol. Over the period of this trial, I have spent 60 mins per day – on average. 60 mins per day is the recommended time for the Project Prosperity Protocol.

The current situation with the coronavirus has meant no Acca value bets, no e/w horse racing value bets, no enhanced Acca bets, no William hill one-up rebates and no bet365 Two up rebates. Despite this scarcity, there is still sufficient offers from email, text and the betting mastermind calendar to fill one hour’s work per day on average.

Here are the overall stats to date:

  • Starting Bank (June 12th 2017): £500
  • Profit Since Last Report (June 13th 2019): £1001.80
  • Current Bank (May 9th 2020): £ 9059.72
  • Profit since start: £8501.80

Next Report when the bank hits £10000

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