The Steve Davidson stable have released yet another piece of software to help create profitable betting opportunities. Prudent Place Lay Profits focuses on Laying opportunities in the Place markets on the Betfair exchange.

Happily, lay betting in this market helps ensure that the liabilities are low although of course you are hoping that the selecitons do not achieve a ‘place’ (the first : two , three or sometimes four places home).

It is much like other products they have in the market at present  and is simplicity itself (!) : you download the software and install on your PC/VPS. Run the software scanner each day and this will display the selecitons that you are to lay in the place market. They suggest betting to liability staking – so your actual stakes are determined based upon the size of your stake you are willing to lose.

Historically, their results state that from January to October of last year, 2014 using Liability lay staking – they had one losing month, losing just under 8 points.

The calculations to determine these stakes are simple enough if you are placing the bets on the exchange but there can be quite a few selections on any one day (although at this time of year this hasnt been the case), so you may be better of considering using a bot to do the maths and place the selections for you.

I have run this every day since the 18th December using a 50 pt / £250 bank ie. liability is £5 per selection.

Regretably, the results thus far have been far less than encouraging (possibly on account of few selections each day and poor weather – where on some days there have been no selections at all)

After 8 weeks I decided to call time on this venture as very little progress has been made since my last entry and perhaps it simply isn’t the time of year for this strategy to make regular profits (which it may have done in the Flat season of last year).

However, on the plus side, the software to download the selections has worked flawlessly.

Since my last report, the selections have been relatively few in number with cancelled meetings and poor weather but most of the selections that have run (proportionately speaking), frustratingly have gone on to take a place. Meaning a further loss of 5 points on the bank. I fear that this will take some time to recover and unless a significant wind of change blows in – too much time for me to warrant extending this review.

Start Bank : £250
Final Bank : £103 (representing a 30 point / 59% loss overall)

So, Prudent Place Lay Profits must be considered FAILED at this time.

You can get Prudent Place Lay Profits here:Failed