As the trial ended yesterday, this is the last report on this service, which I understand will be launched on Friday of this week. It has been said that there will be a bot to place these lays automatically but there is no pricing as yet.

The trial ran from the 15/3 and 74 lays have been advised, of which 52 have been successful. While the two weeks of March were unprofitable, April has been better and the service has shown a small profit. We can only judge the value of this service when we know how much the monthly subscription is, on launch.

It would be only fair to point out that with the recommended staking plan, these results may well have been improved.

P/L overall 4.5pts
Strike Rate 70.27%
Av Odds 3.25
ROI 6.08%

UPDATE by Graham

It transpires that the Psychic Racing Profits system can be purchased for a one time payment of £37. Alternatively if you don’t want to work out the bets for yourself (which takes around 2 hours a day) you can subscribe to their e-mail service for £37 a month.

I will update this page with the results of the service a few months down the line.

In the meantime here are some statistics they sent me pre-release using their recommended staking:

Trial Statistics


Duration: 29 days
Total Selections: 73
Total Winning Lays: 52
Total Losing Lays: 21
Strike Rate: 71.2%
Highest Odds: 4.90
Lowest Odds: 1.62
Average Odds: 3.22
Longest Winning Run: 10
Longest Losing run: 3

Starting Bank: £1,000.00
Current Bank: £1,469.63
Profit: £469.63
Return On Investment: 46.9%

Year To Date Statistics
Duration: 74 days
Total Selections: 249
Total Winning Lays: 188
Total Losing Lays: 61
Strike Rate: 75.5%
Highest Odds: 5.00
Lowest Odds: 1.35
Average Odds: 3.28
Longest Winning Run: 21
Longest Losing run: 3

Starting Bank: £1,000.00
Current Bank: £15,592.93
Profit: £14,592.93
Return On Investment: 1459.2%

You can join Psychic Racing Profits here: