I was recently offered a month’s free trial of this service and since it didn’t require me to sign up to PayPal to access it, I decided to have a look. Graham has now asked me to run it as a normal blog trial, so here we go.

An email is received each day detailing the lays available, sometimes as many as four, usually at least two. In 15 days, I have received 30 bets, of which 20 have been successful. The bets can only be laid if the odds are less than 5.0 and since the results published are calculated at Betfair SP this can make for a few discrepancies unless you set up your bets to be taken at that point. Betting live you may not get the same odds, since the mandatory betting point of 1 minute before the off allows plenty of time for odds to differ from the subsequent SP figure. The service launches on the 16th April, possibly with a bot to place the bets, which would at least determine the exact selections.

A simple compounding staking plan is advised and a spreadsheet to help you manage it is downloadable. I am conducting the trial at level stakes, however.

P/L/ overall -2.1 pts
Strike rate 66.6%
Average odds 3.71
ROI -7.87%