Although this service is currently closed, it makes sense to blog the results in case they open the doors in the future.

The bot was very easy to download and install, taking just minutes. I installed it on my virtual server so that I could be sure of no internet connection problems.

I set the bot up exactly as suggested in their FAQ section and used a Betfair account that had £1400 in it. I decided, sensibly, to withdraw £900 and run this test with a £500 bank, setting the stake to 5% of bank.

I switched it on and logged out of my server.
Unfortunately the first bet of this service was a loser. I did have Auto Stop loss ticked which means that at 85 minutes into the game, if the trade hasn’t happened then the bot is supposed to place a back bet to minimise the loss. On this occassion it didn’t do it:

As you can see, a £90 loss on the first day!

Also, I had assumed it would stake to a Liabilty of 5% of the bank, so that maximum loss would be £25, but it’s staking to a Stake of 5% and so your liability varies depending on the odds. As my bot managed to lay at 4.6 I was staking 18% of my bank on the first bet! That’s pretty aggressive by any standards.

I wonder how long my bank is going to last!

Day 1

Daily Profit: -£90

Total Profit: -£90