28th August

Blackburn v Arsenal +£22.86

29th August

Bolton v Birmingham +£23.28

Bordeaux v Marseille +£23.73

Total Profit: +£272.69

Time to wrap up the review of this bot. Basically there’s not a lot to say other than you switch it on and leave it to run. If you use a Virtual Server, as I do, then you don’t have to do anything further, just leave it running 24/7. If you’re running it on your PC at home then you just have to switch the thing on and leave it running all day.

The results aren’t exactly exciting, £272.69 profit since May 8th using a £1000 betting bank. So that’s 27% growth in bank in four months. Still, it’s not to be sniffed at either. A profit is a profit.

I’ve found this one a little difficult to categorise. It does work and therefore should go in the Approved section, but the profit may not cover the subscription costs, in which case I would have to put it in the Neutral section.

Since the thing is no longer for sale I guess it makes no difference but just in case they release it again in the future then you need to make a decision on whether to subscribe based on the price they are asking, and the betting bank you are prepared to set aside for this. If it’s £50 a month and you’re using a £2000 betting bank or above then it’ll probably be worth having. If it’s £100 a month and you’ve only got a £500 betting bank then stay away.

If it becomes available again you’ll be able to get it here: