I have some news about Psychic Soccer Profits which opened it’s doors today.

They have a short video on the site that explains how it works but basically, you get a bot to run on your computer that does everything for you and they offer a pretty good deal on their subscription which is simply, if you don’t profit, they don’t get paid.

As you know, we never endorse any product until we have tested it out and since this was only released today I have absolutely no idea if it’s any good or not. I therefore cannot endorse it. However, they are only taking 200 members to protect liquidity and have told me they are closing the offer on 10pm on Monday. This means that by the time we’ve tested it, no one will be able to get it.

Since this bot trades in the in-play markets then liquidity would indeed be an issue so I believe this is genuine.

So, I’m just letting you know that if this sort of thing interests you and you fancy taking a punt on it then you’ve got until Monday, or until the membership gets filled up. I, or one of the other bloggers, will still be reporting on this bot and doing a review in due course. Again, let me remind you that this is not an endorsement from me. I really don’t know how well this will work so if you decide that you want to try it then you can here: